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This is a sensor patented by Mishine which can detect the action when rider shifted the gear on bike, a signal will be generated immediately  and cut the power during  gear shifting  process. It can help rider to avoid some problems like   chain  or derailleur damaged also can bring some smooth shifting feeling to rider,it can widely be used for    middle motor drive system ;  




 Operating voltage                   工作电压  4-5.5 VDC
 Current consumption                消耗电流  15ma
 Signal Output                        信号输出  Pulse duration 0.5s  信号保持0.5秒,支持定制
 Protection circuit                     电源保护  Short Circuit & Polarity Reversed Protection,电源反接保护
 Housing material                     材料  Intensive ABS
 Protection                           保护等级  IP67
 Operating temp/hum                工作温度  -2 5 ~ +70 ; 35% 85 % RH
 Size(L*W*H)                          尺寸  47mm * 18mm * 12mm



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